Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

Wow, I can't believe that it has been 5 years already. I was here in Germany, sitting on my couch, watching Good Morning America. They broke through with an emergency broadcast and I could hardly believe what I was seeing. It was the first tower in smoke and before I could even imagine what was going on I watched the second plane hit the next tower. I was stunned on my couch. My husband had only been in the military for 1 year and we had just been at our first duty station for 5 months. I jumped off the couch to call him at work. I was new to the military and unaware of what to expect. We were watching total devastation going on in the states and I was thousands of miles away in tears. I called home to make sure that everything was ok in New Jersey and continued to watch the horror. My husband would be home soon and we would wait to get word on what was happening. I held my face and cried, imagining all the lives that were lost and the fear that people were going through. I felt helpless. I recently signed up for project 2996 and was randomly given a victim from 9/11 whose story brought me to tears again........

Zhanetta Tsoy

Ms. Tsoy arrived in America from Kasakhstan on 23 Aug. 2001. Her life was starting at a new job with Marsh & McLennan. She was 32 and could hardly believe that she was going to work as an accountant at one of the world's largest buildings. Not long after arriving in the U.S. Ms. Tsoy dragged her husband , Vyacheslav Ligay, and 4-year old daughter on a sightseeing trip to the world trade center.

September 11, 2001 was her first day of work at the World Trade Center. She wasn't due at work until 0900 but showed up early to make a good impression. Her husband later said she was "very hurried" when she left for her first morning of work.

Mr. Ligay has looked for words to explain the disaster to their daughter, Alexandra. He has searched for photos of their trip to the trade center, but they have also disappeared. His family members want him and Alexandria to come home to Kazakhstan but, Mr. Ligay cannot. "Dead or alive, this is where my wife is and as long as we are here, she is with us."

I can't imagine kissing my husband good-bye for his first day of work only to find out hours later that it was also his last day on earth. The heartache that Mr. Ligay must have as well as all the other families left behind must be enormous. I wont pretend to know how they feel. I can only imagine that it must be 10 times the amount of pain that I feel from that day.


Blogger Barbie said...

Yours is a moving tribute to Ms. Tsoy. I actually happened on the tribute site by accident ( God) and just wanted to tell you that I'm sure your beautifully written words have brought a measure of comfort to Ms. Tsoy's husband. And I hope and pray we never, ever, ever forget the price these people paid to satisfy the twisted desires of others.
Since I heard today from my Combat Engineer, Army Reservist, 19 year old son that he will be moving into Iraq from Kuwait on 08/24/07, I'd ask for your prayers for him and his platoon.
Barb Clark

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